Wacky Wednesday: YA Author John Green Gave Love Advice To Teens, & What He Said Was Pretty Spot On!

Hey y'all! So, summer romance is a low-priority, boring, yet still hot topic in today's world, &, as cliche as it is, it's still nice to read about classic relationships in ANY John Green novel we pick out in the app store when a true love story of our own may not be as fabulous.

But what if John Green could give YOU & YOUR FRIENDS personal advice about YOUR life? Well, for some lucky fans, that dream became their reality! Read their questions, (and John's responses!) right here

HOW COOL IS THIS?! Seriously, this is LIGIT advice for anyone, & the fact that these words came from one of THE GREATEST WRITERS OF OUR GENERATION? NBD. 

These teens BETTER take this advice to heart, 'cause it's a TRULY RARE occasion that a LEGEND like John would take his time out for fans to ask him serious questions that affect their lives. Awesome answers! We need more peeps like Mr. Green in this world, that's for sure! 

One of the reasons why this man is an absolute GEM! Thoughts?