Wacky Wednesday: If A Sibling Is Ever Mean To Ya, This Little Girl Has The Best Response!

Hey you guys! So, have ya ever gotten into a fight with someone close to ya? How did it end? Still besties? Well, sometimes little kids can have their first debacle end up in a HILARIOUS moment for the whole fambam. This next clip is the PERFECT example. Watch what happened here.


Little Girl Has A Funny ‘I’m Moving On’ Rant After Her Brother Throws Dirt At Her


HAHAHAHAHA! The sass & spunkiness of Sage has us almost in TEARS from laughing so hard! I love this lil' girl! She stands her ground, which, to me, is EXTREMELY impressive at her age! Five years old, already knowing her emotions, & tellin' her world off like she means it! HIL-AAAA-RIOUS!

Thanks, Sage! You made my whole week!

Maren Saatkamp

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