TV Thursday: Y'ALL! The 2015 CMT Music Awards Are Comin' Up! VOTE:

Hey you guys! Guess what time it is? Ok, summertime, YES, I'll give ya that.. Anything else? What happens after The Billboard Music Awards? That's right, The CMT Music Awards are headed our way on June 10th at 8:00 EST / 7:00 CST on (of course!) CMT!


Not only is this one of my FAVE award shows to watch because it's so laid back, (compared to a lot of award shows where you HAVE to take every word you say into account), the CMT awards are all about the FANS! Face it, y'all: Our FAVORITE artists are NOTHIN' without US! This is another chance to show'em how crazy we are about their music!

I'm not sharing my voting ballot with you, though, 'cause every fan is entitled to their own opinions. However, I have voted already, & it's time for all of you to do the same! Get started here.

Good luck to all the nominees! CAN'T WAIT for June 10th!

Maren Saatkamp

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