TV Thursday: "The Bachelorette" Has A DOUBLE DOSE of FUN This Season, & I CAN'T WAIT!

Hey guys! So, is it just me or is it a few degrees HOTTER when it comes to TV nowadays? Especially during the summer! And speaking of adding a lot of heat to the summer lineup, it's super nice to mix up a few of our FAVE shows, don't ya think? Well, that's EXACTLY what's happening to one of our classic guilty pleasures, and I am BEYOND excited!


Normally, every season on "The Bachelorette", we bring back an early favorite contestant who wasn't picked as the previous soulmate for the last season, & help THEM find THEIR true love. This year, though, everyone was thrown for a loop when TWO bachelorettes were given the opportunity of a lifetime: Appear on the show together in the hopes you'll find a match. (Sounds easy, right?). But HERE'S the catch: At the end of the first cocktail party,  THE MEN TAKE OVER. One bachelorette stays to find out who the man in her life might be, while the other is sent home FOR GOOD.




Kaitlyn & Britt have been chosen to take on this journey together, and, despite all the backlash, I'm interested to see this turns out! Honestly, it's only because I've watched EVERY season since the beginning, & I have an early favorite to root for, so I wanna find out who gets to continue on. I could see how others think it's degrading since competition is involved, but everyone's entitled to their own opinions, and,  as long as everyone realizes that taking a risk may lead to not finding what they're looking for, then this season should be awesome!

Who's tuning in to the season premiere next week? "The Bachelorette'" starts airing Monday night, May 18th, at 8:00 EST / 7:00 CST on ABC! I'll be tweeting LIVE with the TRUE BLUE FANS, so make sure you're following me at @MarenS19 to get my reactions, tweet early favorites, & figure out who I'M rooting for!

Maren Saatkamp

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