Tasty Treats Tuesday: The ULTIMATE Ice Cream Hotspots If You're Visiting The Midwest This Summer!

Hey you guys! So, BIG NEWS: in case y'all weren't aware, um, SCHOOL'S OUT! YOU'RE FREE! WAAAAHOOO!!!!! I think that calls for a celebration! Can I make a suggestion? Well, how else do ya cool off on a hot day? ICE CREAM, of course! Anybody headed down Wisconsin's way this summer? I have a few secret custard shops to let you in on. Let's get started with a local favorite!

South Peir Parlor:


South Pier just came added their newest location in Elkhart Lake, but I'm proud to say their first opening was in my hometown of Sheboygan! Super yummy, they've got an awesome selection of toppings, & I just LOVE going there! Check out their Facebook page right here.

Kopps Custard:



This place is like a WONDERLAND for my entire family! Best part?  Kopps' is open YEAR ROUND so ya don't have to worry if you need a creamy, cold dessert! On top o' that, if you're craving an order of fries to dip, go ahead & order some! Kopps' has some o' the BEST BURGERS in the state, so don't be scared of adding more to your order than you'd originally planned! Check out both menus right here.

Ever been down to my neck o' the woods before? No? Well, custard and ice cream breaks are the BEST excuse! (At least I think so!). C'mon down & make sure to check'em out! You won't be disappointed to say the least!

Maren Saatkamp

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