Tasty Treats Tuesday: Our Cinco De Mayo Prayers Have OFFICIALLY Been Answered! Chipotle Has FINALLY REVEALED Their UH-MAY-ZING Guacamole Recipe To The People!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, everyone! Not only is this day FAB for a fiesta, but it's also a great excuse to make Mexican food for dinner! If ya can't cook, the OBVIOUS choice? Chipotle pick-up! However, I think ANYBODY can learn to cook, given some cookbooks or a few handwritten recipes from friends or family members.

Good news coming from Chipotle, though! If you can't make it tonight, at least ONE simple recipe is available for you to make at home! Everybody's FAVE:


Classic Guacamole! Always a hit in my house, for sure, & their recipe is much less complicated than we think! Click here to check it out.


Sooo easy! Can't wait to try making this version on my own! Chipotle, your chain of restaurants are FULL of ANGELS! WE LOVE YOU!

Maren Saatkamp

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