Tasty Treats Tuesday: Need An Awesome Burger Shake Combo? Wisconsin's "Wilson's" Is Your New Go-To!

Hey guys! So, on a hot summer day, how do you beat the heat? Sit in the shade? Chill in front of the AC all afternoon? Well, in the Midwest, we combine two classic pastimes: Custard & cheese! I'll explain, but, first, though, let me tell ya WHERE these two delicious concoctions can both be consumed in one sitting. There are many awesome burger joints in Wisco that apply this concept, but NONE of'em compare to this iconic shop. One name, peeps: Wilson's!

Located in Eiphraim, Wisconsin, (which is located in a small section of Door County, which is one of my personal FAVE vacay hotspots, as you've seen before), NOTHING ever disappoints me about Wilson's! Whenever I visit Door County with my family, we always try to visit Wilson's at LEAST once. (Maybe twice if we have a longer stay planned, but that usually doesn't happen). My family always saves up for eating at this hotspot since, when we get there, we know we'll be eating A LOT of food!

Speaking of food, Wilson's has some of the BEST drive-thru classics I've had in A REALLY LONG TIME! Every time I visit, I'm always impressed at how such a small hometown diner can bring in SO many locals & visitors at one time. This place is filled with Midwestern pride, & you can taste it in the food!

Check out the menu here.

Now can ya see how cheese & custard can come together? Cheese starts out the meal (with the burgers), while custard ends the meal (with dessert!). Come on down and check out these traditions for yourselves!

Maren Saatkamp

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