Tasty Treats Tuesday: It's Official: My Hometown's Co-Op, Goodside Grocery, Is EXPANDING! And We Need YOUR Help! Here's The Story:

Hey you guys! So, question for all young peeps out there: Found a summer job yet? No? Well, I've found the solution for ya! Ever considered volunteering for an internship, work experience, or just to have fun?

Now, before I get the dreaded eye roll, (trust me, I've been there, & I know it's coming!), just hear me out for a sec. I know everyone wants to be making loads of cash all summer long, but volunteerism in smaller communities is JUST as important. And, if ya live near the Midwest, I've got a GREAT place to get y'all started: How about Goodside Grocery?


Goodside has been in our community for many years now, & I'm so happy to say my family has supported this place from the very beginning! Honestly, this is the closest  identifiable place to Whole Foods that Sheboygan has. (Yep,  in case you aren't from Wisco, THAT'S how small my hometown is! We're small, but we learn how to deal as we go along).

But HERE'S the BEST news about living in a small town. If a community like mine comes together, INCREDIBLE feats can be fought! And that's what happened with our co-op! A HUGE fundraiser happened though GoFundMe's site, & now Goodside's in the process of EXPANDING! (Sooo exciting!!).

Alright, so, here's the point: Once Goodside opens up their new space in July, they're gonna need a few extra hands. Our main co-op is managed by volunteers, & we need YOU! Ask a few friends to join ya, & sign up to volunteer and take a few shifts!

Sign up here.


Who wants to help make sure Goodside Grocery's up & running for our future? I know I do!



Maren Saatkamp

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