Tasty Treats Tuesday: 2 Coffeehouses You DEF Need To Check Out When Ya Visit The Midwest!

Hey guys! So, in case you've missed the memo, SUMMER. IS. COMING! (YESSSSS!!!!). 

Bring on the sunshine & sunblock 'cause the school year's almost done! And, naturally, what do ya do with your pals to celebrate after studying for HOURS and HOURS of finals? Iced coffee toast, duh! Haha!

But here's the next question: Where do ya go? (I know, I know, sooo many choices out there!). Relax, y'all! If you're headed my way towards the upper Midwest, I've got you covered with two of THE BEST coffehouses in the state of Wisconsin. Ready? Let's check 'em out!

GLAS Coffehouse:


Even though GLAS is relatively new to our area, this place is OFF THE CHAIN! Goregeous lakeside views, super comfy seating areas, and, (of course!), some UH-MAY-ZING drinks! I recently went here for a friends' art expo a few days ago, & I, um, may or may not have an iced coffee when I'd already had one earlier on in the day! But what can I say? I'M ADDICTED TO GLAS!

Check out the menu for GLAS right here.

Paradigm Coffehouse:


Believe it or not, we've had some pretty INSANE star power walk through Paradigm's doors!


Not to mention the fact that Ben & Justin LOVE this coffee as much as we all do! I don't know what their faves are off the menu, so I'll have to tweet 'em & find out, but, seriously, EVERYTHING on Paradigm's menu is worth a taste! Click here to see what's on their menu.

Never been down to the Midwest before? Well, I think stoppin' by to grab an icy delight is the PERFECT excuse to take a pit stop! Come on down here, and, honestly, who knows? Maybe we'll see each other as we're passin' through! Happy caffenation, everyone!

Maren Saatkamp

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