Special Needs Awareness: YESSS! The Differently Abled Community FINALLY Has A Clothing Line MADE For US! Check Out The Awesome Looks Right Here:


Hey guys! So, truthfully, one of most difficult things about having special needs, (whatever type of disability you may have,), I think, is always wanting to fit in. Growing up, everybody always to feel "normal" or "like everyone else". Although I understand that everybody's asking the question, "What really IS normal anymore?", the differently-abled" experiences this question daily. In A DIFFERENT WAY! Fashion is one way for us to experiment with "normalcy", & one family knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

Check out their UH-MAY-ZING story  here.



Doesn't this just bring a tear to your eye?! Ya know, growing up with Cerebral Palsy, we tend to always want to try buying different pieces to JUST make sure our outfits match! Now, thankfully, through the years, my mom & I were a great team & we were able to pull off some great looks, but I'm SO grateful that Oliver & Mindy are takin' this issue HEAD ON! It's ABOUT TIME that the fashion industry realizes WE EXIST, TOO!

Make sure you check out the 'Runway Of Dreams" site & campaigns right here. This cause needs all the help you can give!


THANK YOU to Mindy for being a voice for us! WE LOVE YOU!

Maren Saatkamp

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