Special Needs Awareness: What Happens When Marc Roberge, Cody Simpson, & 2 Special Olympic Athletes Come Together? MAGIC! WATCH:

Hey y'all! Guess what? The Special Olympics are comin' up!


The annual sporting event for kids & adults with disabilities kicks off in LA this year on July 25th! BEYOND EXCITED! To spread the message of hope these athletes have, Coca-Cola teamed up with OAR guitarist Marc Roberge, (who my sister is a HUGE fan of, by the way!),  Australian pop star Cody Simpson, (who, of course, we're ALL OBSESSED WITH, right?!), along with 2 PHENOMENAL guests to record the anthem of this years' games!


Two of The Special Olympics' brightest athletes make awesome appearances in the music video! Bri & Madison are AWESOME backround vocalists on the song, & they help really bring the message home. Motovation & inspiration are a BIG part what the special needs community are all about, and, as a member of this community, girls, you made me SO PROUD!

Alright, enough bragging about the song since I don't give it enough justice. Who actually wants to HEAR OUR ANTHEM? Listen to "Reach Up" right here.


I'm crying just hearing this agan! UH-MAY-ZING! Can't WAIT to see #ReachUp performed live! Best representation of special needs pride I've seen in a VERY LONG time! Cody, Marc, Madison & Brianna, THANK YOU!

Maren Saatkamp

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