Special Needs Awareness: One Of My CP Sisters Made An Awesome Point In Her Own Music Video, & I Think She NAILED IT!

Hey guys! So, a lot of times, being born with Cerebral Palsy can seem tough to the outside world, but, really, all we need is support from everybody! But there is a difference between being supportive &" overly nice. " This next music video will show you exactly what we mean.

Check out "Talk Normal To Me" right here.


SO PROUD to say I know Amanda personally, & sooo excited she's getting this message out there! Just because someone gets around on four wheels instead of legs, it doesn't mean they don't understand you. Give everyone in a wheelchair a chance 'cause you'll learn a TON! We're NO different than anyone else!

We NEED to get Jason Derulo to see this & support our community! It's a clever twist on his hit single, & I'd hope he'd appreciate Amanda's originality as much as the CP community has!

Another awesome validation that special needs people exist! Nice job, Amanda! Love you & thank you for sharing!

Maren Saatkamp

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