Special Needs Awareness: If You Don't Think People With Special Needs Have Feelings, My Sweatshirt Has A Message For You!

Hey guys! So, as much as I LOVE educating others about my community, sometimes, some of us don't have a voice to do that. As unfortunate as that seems, I think I found something that might help!


EXACTLY! Ya know what? I wish more mainstream clothing lines would have some sayings like this on THIER outfits, too. Having a disability, (no matter which one you may be born with), is HARD, right? No one ever warns a baby about being born differently. Life just happens for us that way. We can't control that! We can only control the way we handle situations after we're born into this world.

And,  for people who love spreading the message of disability acceptance without sayin' A WORD, this is PERFECT for you! Buy your sweatshirt here.

Our differences, whether we're on wheels or feet, help us become who we ARE!  Do YOU accept us?

Maren Saatkamp

From The Mouth Of Maren is the creative and spunky thoughts of Maren Saatkamp. Maren is a blogger, doodle mom, and (dis)ability advocate. She writes about all things fashion, pop culture, travel, and handicap accessibility.