Special Needs Awareness: Gloria Estafan Helps Out With Fundraising For Child With CP!

Hey you guys! So, when you grow up in the special needs community, a lot of the time, you tend to feel like you're alone. We deal with ignorance, doubtfulness, & heartbreaking self-esteem issues daily, simply because, sometimes, we feel like people don't care. But I've always believed people are able to evolve, learn, and, (hopefully!), help us out once they know what we're capable of!

Every once in a while, though, help comes to us JUST in the hour we need it most! And, sometimes, a few awesome people are able to lend a hand! For one Cerebral Palsy family, this is their story, & one AMAZING artist did a BEAUTIFUL thing to help! Find out what happened here.


Honestly, I cried my eyes out the ENTIRE TIME I read this! Gloria is such a beautiful person for pulling this surgery off for Nicholas! There's NO CURE for Cerebral Palsy since every case is VERY different, but the fact that someone in the public eye would reach out in ANY way is a testament to the person themselves! A lot of times, when I try to talk to others about special needs, I get a lot of mixed reactions: Tears, disbelief, silence.... I've gone through'em all. But the disability NEVER scared her away! She took a negative situation, used her success where WE needed it, & turned a family's life around in the BEST way!  Proud to call Gloria a friend of our community! You're the BEST, Gloria!

Maren Saatkamp

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