Special Needs Awareness: A Prom Queen Is Always Special..... But This Teen Takes The Meaning WAY Farther In The BEST WAY Possible!

Hey guys! So, as prom seaon (sadly!) draws to a close, you can't help but think back:

  • DAYS of finding the PERFECT dress
  • HOURS and HOURS of looking through magazines for hairstyles
  • Making sure your mani'-pedi matches your purse PERFECTLY
  • Getting your FLAWLESS face on with a FULL makeover

At the end of it all, was it worth it? Well, I know one awesome young lady who has the ultimate response: YES! Click here to learn about Brittany's story.

This just brings me to TEARS of happiness every time I watch! Beautiful! So wonderful of the student body to treat Britt as one of their own. I know how she feels when her name had been called: "WHAT? ME? SERIOUSLY? WHOA!". I went through the EXACT same thing when my class chose Parker & I as well! You're just standing there, having fun, you see the court come out, and everything's a blur from that point on. They're reading names off, & it's like everything everyone says is in slow motion. And then when YOUR name's called? You're shaking, you have this cold sweat that goes over your body.. It's CRAZY! It's BEAUTIFUL!


In retrospective, Britt, you'll remember every moment. Right now, hon, just TAKE IT ALL IN! Enjoy this experience because you'll never have it again. From one prom queen to another, YOU DESERVE THIS! CONGRATULATIONS!

Maren Saatkamp

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