Movie Monday: "Pitch Perfect 2" Is PERFECTION! The "Bellas" Are Back, I Couldn't Be HAPPIER! If Ya Missed Opening Weekend, I'll Fill Ya In!

Hey y'all! So, what'd you guys do this weekend? Finally got around to enjoying the nice Midwestern sunshine? (THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE, FOR FINALLY LISTENING, BY THE WAY!). Chores? Studying for finals comin' up?  Awesome! Well, I got a chance to check out one of THE HOTTEST early summer flicks that EVERYONE has been DYING to see, & I think everybody is OBSESSED with the first one whether they choose to admit it or not. 


Yup, "PITCH PERFECT 2!". WAHOOOOO! The "Bellas" are making their way to the World Acapella Championships this time around after a HILARIOUS mishap ensues between a performance for FLOTUS & POTUS, (yep, you heard me!), goes COMPLETELY WRONG! (Trust me, you have to see to understand everything! I'm NOT gonna give ANYTHING away, but you'll be laughing SO HARD within the first five minutes of the movie, I PROMISE!). Anyway, after meeting with the dean, the ladies bargain that if they WIN the World's Competition, they'll all be reinstated back into Barden University to end their college careers on a high note. 


All of the lovely ladies of Barden are BACK in this one, which is awesome in itself, don't ya think? Becca, (played by Anna Kendrick, who I'M, honestly, OBSESSED WITH!), seven-time senior, Chloe, (played by Brittany Snow, who is UH-MAY-ZING in this one!), Fat Amy, (played by Rebel Wilson, who I can NEVER get enough of!), all of our faves are back to help Barden win back the "Aca-Bella" title. Will the girls pull it off? Not without some new voices! And they find one relatively quickly, thanks to this beautiful girl!


Meet Emily Junk, (played by the ADORABLE Hailee Steinfeld, who I LOVE!), who has some "Bella" history in her fam, (no joke! Check out the clip here.), who lends her vocal chops to the Bellas' sound. She's SO sweet, SO funny, and, I think her character MADE the movie, to be quite honest with ya!

Now, the pride & joy that made my heart sing as high as ANY of the Bellas' octives..... The pride of my home state..... THE GREEN BAY PACKERS! 


YES, our homeboys Clay Matthews,  T.J. Lang, Jordan Rodgers, & a few others made a cameo in one of THE MOST EPIC scenes in this movie! Hopefully, this means they gave each of our girls a free pass to one of the games next season while on set! (They didn't forget about you, right, Britt? Rebel, you got a ticket from the guys, right? Hailee, Anna, they didn't leave you out, did they?). Hopefully not!

Anyway, while we wait for the girls to officially get here, let me end by saying this: For my rating? Out of 10-

15! And I'M NOT KIDDING! IT'S MY FAVE MOVIE OF LATE SPRING, THUS FAR! SOOOO GOOD! Hysterical, TONS of awesome cameos, & it just makes ya FEEL EMPOWERED! LOVE it! Nothin' like some girl power to kick off the summer! "Pitch Perfect 2" is in theaters NOW, so go check it out! Take some besties with ya to enjoy the ride! 

Maren Saatkamp

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