Media Monday: Josh Duhamel , Fergie Took Over My House This Weekend! (No, Seriously!).

Hey guys! So, this is probably gonna be the craziest post EVER, but I just realized the funniest thing yesterday! Here's the story:

Ok, so everybody knows the HOTTEST couple in the world right now are these two lovebirds:

Josh Duhamel & Fergie! (Right? We love'em!). Ok, so here's the point:


Friday night, I decided to do my nails using nail art products from Fergie's "Wet'N'Wild Cosmetics".line without even thinkin' about it.


Two days later, we're checkin' out a new TV show called "Battle Creek" on CBS, (which you ALL have to see, by the way!), & GUESS who plays the lead?



This past weekend was an INSANE one for a lot of different reasons, & having the Duhamels' be a part of it made it one I'll NEVER forget! Ya never know when craziness will set in, and, in our case, craziness happened in the BEST o' ways!

Maren Saatkamp

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